Climate Solutions: Resilient at home

Solar panels are one solution that gives resilience during power outages. — Courtesy Sunpower for South Mountain Co.

Imagine having enough energy storage at your house or in your neighborhood to be able to have some power and water during prolonged power outages. 

Solar and batteries make that possible.

Solar info

  • Solar panels can go on any unshaded roof or ground area on your property. If that isn’t possible, maybe there is a spot in your neighborhood where they could go and benefit a group of homeowners.
  • Three factors determine what size array you might do: how many panels will match your electrical needs, how big a roof or ground area is available, and how much you want to spend.


  • A grid-tied solar array cannot operate during power failures. Batteries allow you to have some power for critical loads — a few plugs, lights, and water pumping — during such times.
  • They are rapidly becoming more efficient and less expensive. Presently, batteries are lithium-ion. They may soon evolve to another technology, such as solid-state.
  • Setting up solar so that you can then add batteries now or in the future gives you resilience. You don’t have to worry about whether your generator may run out of fuel!

There are rebates for installing solar and batteries, and incentives that offer money back for power generated at your site.

Contact a local installer to find out about both solar and batteries for your house!

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