Crane works to remove Uncas Avenue electrical substation

A large crane and work crew with Bay Crane are working on removing a long-decommissioned electrical substation across from the Barn Bowl & Bistro on Uncas Avenue. —Lucas Thors

A work crew and a large crane were on Uncas Avenue Wednesday to remove a long-decommissioned electrical substation that has been an eyesore for years.

The substation, which is located directly across from the Barn Bowl & Bistro, was decommissioned more than three years ago due to a dead cell. The transformers and other components of the substation will be shipped off-Island to their manufacturer in New Jersey, according to John McQuown of Bay Crane.

“Eversource hired us, so we brought over the trailer and the crane, and are just taking [the substation] all apart to get it shipped away,” he said.

It is unclear how long it will take for the entire substation to be deconstructed and loaded onto the trailer to be transported.