Mediation works


To the Editor:

This morning in a Zoom meeting, I was gifted with the opportunity to experience a superb, succinct, and talented mediator in the person of Sara Barnes … no relation to the beloved Trip Barnes on-Island.

I needed resolution of a very sticky wicket between myself and a commercial tenant. All was resolved most amicably with the Island’s excellent mediation program, which can be found listed in the green pages section of our local telephone book. A donation to this service according to one’s means is expected in exchange.

To avoid costly legal fees and yet obtain professional services in resolution of disputes, I recommend this M.V. Mediation service without hesitation. For anyone in difficult circumstances of conflicting views, or situations, I suggest that these differences may well be amicably resolved by the intervention of this professional organization, and its capable, nonjudgmental staff.


Doreen Kinsman
Vineyard Haven