MVH vaccine process deserves praise


To the Editor:

For years I have felt compelled to critique Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. In many cases, the critiques were warranted. But today, I write to praise their efforts. I just went through their COVID-19 vaccination process. Potential patients are welcomed and greeted with grace. The persons giving the vaccinations are infinitely patient in putting their patients at ease.

What the newspaper has not pointed out is that much like Red Cross donors, vaccine recipients are observed for 15 minutes to monitor for adverse reactions, and offered water, juice, or Graham crackers. The patients exit through a subtle side door. Oaks Bluffs Police officers, with whom I have had negative experiences, are doing a masterful job of directing traffic. I’d expected to have numerous complaints. But every step of the process, from parking to check-in to the shots and the follow-up, is being conducted with ultimate professionalism.

Christopher Knowles
Vineyard Haven