Aquinnah: Best of the Vineyard

— Kyra Steck

This past weekend was Passover, and this coming weekend is Easter, the time of rebirth has begun. While it may not be time for planting things outside, it’s certainly time to start some seedlings (if you’re into that sort of thing). I heard pinkletinks for the first time this season last Wednesday while walking down State Road in Aquinnah. If you had told me in my 20s that one of my favorite sounds in my 40s would be tiny frogs shrieking, I would have said that you were crazy, and yet it is so. I delight every time I hear them, but especially the first time. It means that spring has officially begun, and that life is popping through the gray landscape. I have also seen some crocuses in bloom and daffodil stems poking through the dirt and leaves.

“Best of the Vineyard” voting is open until April 3 at 11:59 pm. There are many wonderful Aquinnah businesses to vote for including Tomahawk Charters, Orange Peel Bakery, Stony Creek Gifts, On the Cliffs, the Outermost Inn and many more. Let’s see how many of those little “best of” plaques we can get in Aquinnah windows. Follow the link at

ACE MV is hosting a two-part virtual program “State-of-the-Island” on older adult employment. They are hoping to have “a lively and informative panel discussion” on April 7 and April 14 at 5:30 pm. In this case an older adult is anyone 50 and up, which seems young to me but that could be because I’m only two years away from that marker. ACE MV is looking for people who are seeking employment, organizations who serve older adults, and Island employers to participate. You must register to attend at

Shopkeepers at the Cliffs are beginning to plan their openings. You can see stirrings of life there. The Aquinnah Shop hosted the wedding of Seth and Sarah Gambino this past Saturday. It looked like a beautiful celebration. Traditionally, the Aquinnah Shop is open by Mother’s Day — no official word yet, but that would be great. I just noticed that the Chilmark Store has a sign out that reports they are opening May 19. A mere seven-ish weeks away. It’ll be here before you know it.

There was a lovely essay on the writer Tillie Olsen in the N.Y. Times Book Review this past Sunday by A. O. Scott. Ms. Olsen was not only a celebrated author and teacher but the mother of Kathy Olsen and grandmother of Noli Hoye-Taylor. Look for it online if you missed it.

Happy birthday Amira Madison, who celebrates on Sunday. Beware, readers, today is April Fool’s Day so be on the lookout for tricks, jokes, and untruths. I mean, you should do that every day but today especially, and today is a good reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.

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