Help clean up our Island


To the Editor:

It is sad to see so much trash along our roads. It seems particularly bad along State Road and West Tisbury–Edgartown Road, but I am sure there are other places where it is also an issue. What a sad way to treat our Island and planet home.

Earth Day is coming up, but every day is Earth Day. Could you help by going out to the main road near you and picking up whatever trash you see? If you can’t find any near your house, can you go to one of the roads that has so much trash along it, and help out there?

If you are carrying trash to the dump or the Refuse District in a truck, can you make an effort to cover your loads tightly so trash does not blow out along the roadside?

And Refuse District — please don’t refuse trash from people who have open loads. Instead, fine them.

The earth is our home. Please help by honoring it as we come out of the dark time and enter this sunnier time of year.

Kate Warner
West Tisbury