West Tisbury: Blooming flower bulbs

— Kyra Steck

We have had beautiful gardening weather this past week. Warm, sunny days lure me outside to rake and weed and fertilize, to plant the daffodils that filled pots on our porches for Easter, but now are dying back. I like looking at needy spots and being able to fill some right away, as I analyze where new bulbs will have to go in this fall. I remember Margaret Logue surveying her meadow and putting stakes in the ground to mark where she wanted to put more bulbs in in the fall. I wish I were that organized, but I subscribe to a more casual approach.

I visited a lovely garden on Saturday. Mike and I went out to do errands together, so Abby and I were in the truck when he dropped off some fence posts at a job site. There were daffodil varieties I had never seen before. One, named Albert Einstein, is on my list for when bulb catalogues come out. It has pale, creamy petals with a soft, peach-colored flattish trumpet. Really pretty, especially in the thickly planted borders that look as though they have flourished and spread since forever.

Daffodils, really all bulbs, are such a gift. You plant them in the fall and forget all about them till they come up and surprise you come spring. Then they just keep thickening up on their own. If they are planted with a forsythia hedge, all the better. The combination makes a nice bouquet inside, too, although nothing is as thrilling as a huge bouquet of daffodils inside with loads more still in the garden.

The double row of pear trees leading into the cemetery is blooming now. I always think this is the best year, so it must be. I hope it stays cool enough that we can enjoy them for a good while.

Some happy news to report is that Mike and Karen Colaneri celebrated their 52nd anniversary on April 27. They were married in Karen’s mother’s backyard in Edgartown. A Volkswagen driven by Karen’s brother surprised everyone when it arrived; he had filled it to overflowing with daffodils. Sounds like it was a lovely day, a lovely start to their long marriage. Wishing you both many more happy years together.

M.V. Community Services is sponsoring Electronic Disposal Day this Saturday, May 1, from 9 am to 2 pm in the Regional High School parking lot. Disposal fees range from $5 to $40. All proceeds will benefit Community Services. A drop-off form and more information are available on the website, mvcommunityservices.org. You may also email Rebecca at rpierce@mvcommunityservices.org.

If you have used ink cartridges from your printer, you may bring them to the drop-off box on the West Tisbury library porch.

Now that we are all vaccinated, I was delighted to join Julia Humphreys and Karen Ogden for drinks and an outdoor visit on Julia’s deck. It was lovely to be outside with friends in 60° weather and to be talking about golden retrievers, our favorite subject. Karen has just become a member of the Yankee Golden Retriever Club. I look forward to more socializing and having life feel somewhat more normal, to enjoying occasions we formerly took for granted.

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