A chance to approve housing


To the Editor:

At the West Tisbury town meeting (5 pm, May 18), we have a chance to meet critical community needs by voting yes on Article 6, designating the vacant three acres of land at 401 State Road (east of Lambert’s Cove Road) for affordable housing.

When in 1978 the town spent $75,000 of public funds to purchase the property, it was agreed that the land was to be used for a municipal purpose that meets a “community need.” Affordable housing for Islanders we need here is a critical need. There are lengthy waiting lists for those eligible, including workers and seniors.

West Tisbury has led the Island in the development of affordable housing. Passage of Article 6 once again gives us the opportunity to show that we know how to solve the problems that affect us all.

Please attend town meeting at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs, and vote yes on Article 6.

Mike Colaneri, co-chair
Ted Jochsberger, co-chair
West Tisbury Affordable Housing Committee