Bunnies reunited with owner 

A domestic rabbit found near Old County Road by the West Tisbury Police Department looks as if it's in jail.

The West Tisbury Police Department found what they believe to be domestic rabbits, and took to social media to help facilitate a hoppy reunion.

According to a Facebook post, the rabbits were found near Old County Road. Animal Control Officer Anthony Cordray said the rabbits were found by Officer Philip Hollinger. They were given to Animal Control Officer Kate Hoffman around 2 am. Hoffman temporarily kept the rabbits in a chicken tractor, a portable chicken coop without a floor, on her property. 

Cordray said Hoffman contacted people near the Old County Road area, believing the rabbits came from nearby. The owner has since taken them home. The rabbits’ names are Squirt and Austin.

If your pet is missing, contact the Dukes County communications center at 508-693-1212 to get in touch with an animal control officer. For nonemergency reasons, West Tisbury Animal Control can be reached at 508-684-8201.