Poet’s Corner


This Prairie Catch-Basin
By Zachary Wiesner

Our Mid-West, filled by run off from the Rockies and Appalachians,
Passed it down the rivers
To the lakes and the sea.

This prairie catch-basin of promise,
Fertile to simple, familiar dreams,
Draws human run off from everywhere.

Why do they come?
Why does water run downhill?
Because it does, because they do.
Because it must, because they must.

Do they carve paths in the prairie by their passing,
As water leaves the tale of its passing in the rock?

Are these paths through the basin
All that will remain when this heartland is covered closed, and it’s time is over,

And our time is over,
And the human desire
For freedom and dignity
Peoples a different prairie?

Zachary Wiesner lives in West Tisbury.

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