Antiques and fine things

The historic antique show returns to the Grange Hall.



Vintage and antique items are desirable collectibles across generations. Lucy Menton decided to revamp the historic antique show at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury, and added some modern charm to the lovely event. 

“The show has been there for 20 years,” Menton said, “there’s some lovely historic pieces that have come and gone.”

The show was founded by Ron Gamba, who restored the Grange Hall for the Preservation Trust, and decided to showcase his antiques in the building. After presenting his own antiques, he decided to open the event to the public and include more vendors to create the show they currently have.

As he included more vendors, new items were added to the mix. Many of the pieces are accent pieces, or small items that add depth and are not the central focus of the room. These merchants have maintained the character and integrity of antique shows for over 20 years.

This year, the show will boast a new name: The Antiques and Fine Things Show.

Thus, the show will keep the antiques, but add a few different items that fall under the “fine things” category. This includes vintage jewelry, handcrafted artwork, collectable knickknacks, and newspapers. 

“We have a mixture of eclectic things,” Menton said, “We have things like oriental rugs and tools. It’s stuff people would put in their houses.”

Currently, the show has from eight to 10 vendors weekly, but aims to increase those numbers as the summer continues. On a recent visit, there was a wide range of pieces that everyone would enjoy, not just avid antiquers. I picked up a few vintage Vineyard postcards and an old poetry book, but the items vary from jewelry to old magazines to paintings. 

“We want to make it a big show, with many different, unique vendors,” Menton said. 

Menton talked about her enthusiasm this year, as COVID halted the show for all of last summer. 

“I am excited to get out of lockdown and have people come to the show,” Menton said.

The show takes place Saturdays at the Grange Hall from 9 to 3 pm. Questions can be emailed to