Cribbage Club

The cribbage card game also uses a board for keeping score. — J. Wynia

On June 30, 20 players showed up at the Vineyard Cribbage Club’s weekly tournament  at the American Legion Hall in Edgartown. Six games are played, with two points for a win, zero for a loss, and three points for a skunk — a win greater than 30 points.

Roy Scheffer came in first with a 12/5 plus 94 card; second place went to David Pothier with a 11/5 plus 49 card; Tricia Bergeron was third with a 9/4 plus 85 card; in fourth place was Neale Bassett with a 9/4 plus 43 card, and Mary Alice Russell came in fifth with a 8/4 plus 35 card.

If you play cribbage, please come and check us out. Come play a couple of weeks as a guest and see if you want to join us full time. The Cribbage Club meets at the American Legion in Edgartown on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm. Play begins at 6 pm sharp.