IHT responds to letter


To the Editor:

In the current environment of misinformation, the Island Housing Trust understands that there are a number of inaccuracies in Mr. Sepanara’s letter to the editor. While we completely respect his right to his opinions, we would like to have an opportunity to share the facts, because they matter.

To that end we invite Mr. Sepanara to meet with us to discuss our work, our fundraising methods, and our mission, in an effort to have an informative and productive dialogue with him. We would also like to take him on a tour of our neighborhoods, so that he can see for himself the care and thoughtfulness that goes into everything we do. The positive impacts our nonprofit work has on the community as a whole and our hard-working year-round residents are tangible, and can be very inspiring. We’ll be happy to make ourselves available to schedule a meeting and a tour at a day and time that works for everyone.

Philippe Jordi, executive director
Doug Ruskin, president
Island Housing Trust