It’s a girl!

Island Alpaca has a new family member.


At 12:30 pm Saturday, Luciana, a female alpaca at Island Alpaca Company, gave birth to a  female cria. Cria is the name for a baby alpaca. It comes from the Spanish word cría, meaning baby. She is the first of three cria expected this summer.

Luciana went into labor at around 10 am Saturday. After 12 months gestation, Alexis Hughes, the farm manager, who was present for the birth, was assisted by a veterinarian and two other barn staff members during the birthing process.

While one staff member was holding the mother’s head, another was holding her side, leaving the veterinarian relay Hughes to pull the baby out.

Although visitors could not access the barn, some curious onlookers peeked through the window. Nearby, two other alpacas stood in a separate stall and witnessed the birth of the new herd member.

After 2 hours and 30 minutes of labor, the healthy cria was born.  Luciana and her newborn were brought to their stall where they could be seen by the public, separated from the herd for two to three days for a little privacy and bonding.

Visitors of the farm can, as of now, suggest names for the newborn

 alpaca. The staff will narrow the list down before deciding what to name her.