Dr. Michotek fills important need


To the Editor:

The decision by Dr. Michael Michotek to close his practice on the Vineyard is very disturbing. It is completely beyond my comprehension why the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital would make it in any way difficult for as fine a doctor as him to practice, especially considering how well he has filled a real need for a physician catering particularly to the Vineyard’s significant elderly population. Dr. Michotek recognized a need here and filled it well and I know I am far from being the only one bereft. 

I had been with a local clinic and a fine nurse practitioner for many years but was told at a visit to the hospital in the spring of 2020 that it would be prudent to find a personal care physician (PCP) in view of my age and a related condition. I knew, however, from friends and family members on a similar quest that it could be a lot easier suggested than done. I had heard of Dr. Michotek but knew he was very popular and that his dance card was almost certain to be filled. Fortunately, via the recommendation of a dear friend, he agreed to see me and it was maybe the first time I felt lucky to be old. I seriously believe I could not have found a better doctor.

Not only does Dr. Michotek come to your home, which is an almost unimaginable benefit for many reasons, but he always allotted a comfortable amount of time and he is a born educator, never assuming that any issue is too esoteric to explain in plain language. Some people might lament the disappearance of the fabled old fashioned GP but we are lucky enough to have the benefit of one here, with the added advantage of a thoroughly modern knowledge base. He has filled a need here, done it extremely well, and it seems that it would behoove the MV Hospital, if they were at all considering the interests of his patients, to support him in any way possible rather than allowing this crisis to happen. Dr. Michotek’s patients are the ones hurt primarily by the obstacles he has encountered which seem somewhat petty and able to be amended should there be any will to do so.

I believe we have a fine facility here and I have never had any reason to complain about any other physician or test or procedure. The medical staff are always pleasant, efficient, informative, and a pleasure to deal with. But it has also been my experience to have heard Dr. Michotek’s praises sung many times over in the course of my visits, which makes me even more convinced that the impending loss of this fine doctor deserves much more serious consideration to attempt a resolution than has been so far demonstrated and that the needs of his patients be more seriously considered. 


Marjorie A. Waller