Schroeder wins hot and humid Chilmark Road Race

Tulley wins women’s division.


Middle Road was crowded with runners on Saturday for the hot and humid Chilmark Road Race.

Michael Schroeder snagged first place. The former Vineyard track standout and Davidson College graduate led the field of 1,186 runners, and clocked in with a 16:25.9 finish time. Schroeder has won numerous road races on the Vineyard.

Sarah Tully of Chilmark came in first for the women’s division, and 16th overall, with a 18:36 finish time.

Temperatures hit the 80s and humidity was high, but hundreds of runners finished out the race.

Current Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School runner Zach Utz came in sixth, with a 17:25.8 run time. Utz was followed close behind by former MVRHS track athlete Peter Burke, eighth, who got a 17:44.8 time. Wren Christy, 41st, and sister Eloise Christy, 241st, both MVRHS track stars, finished at 20:38.1 and 25:50.9, respectively.

Ben Bosworth, who placed third, won the 2017 Chilmark Road Race, and has won multiple Vineyard road races, including the Murdick’s five-mile Run the Chop Challenge (Fourth of July) and the Oak Bluffs Memorial Day 5K.

Another MVRHS track member in the road race included Johnathan Norton, 20th at 19:12.8.

Runners were both young and old, with 8-year-old A. Sheehy first in the female 1-8 division at 34:26.5; 7-year-old W. Grady of Edgartown first in the male 1-8 category at 26:29.0; 91-year-old Susan Wilson finished first in the female 90-99 category at 57:42.7; and 93-year-old Alan Nevas was the only runner in the male 90-99 category, finishing at 1:08:37.6.

And this author —Times assistant managing editor Brian Dowd — placed 525th overall, finishing with an honorable 31:20.5. He certainly earned his T shirt.