West Tisbury chooses Allan Look as MVTV rep

West Tisbury Select Board chair Skipper Manter introducing the candidates for MVTV during a Zoom meeting.

Allan Look was unanimously approved by the West Tisbury select board to be the town’s representative to the Martha’s Vineyard Community Television board.

Look was selected from two candidates during a Zoom meeting on Wednesday. The other candidate interviewed was Leon Brathwaite. Both men were given five minutes each to pitch themselves for the position. 

Look is a long-time West Tisbury resident, and has served the town in other capacities. He has decades of experience working in video and photography. He was also an MVTV producer at one point, giving him some background on the systems the network uses and the people involved. Look said his top priority would be acting as a liaison between MVTV and the select board, while acting as an advocate for the town. “I have a special interest in MVTV because I think there is much more that can be done to serve the public, especially given the dynamics of COVID, and how it’s affected our ability to reach the school kids and others,” Look said. “I’d like to very much become engaged on behalf of the town and for the community as a whole.”

Brathwaite is a retired staff director for the town of Newton, and has lived on Martha’s Vineyard since 2010. He currently serves as the West Tisbury representative on the Dukes County commissioners, and holds a position of vice chair for the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s State Committee. Brathwaite developed his understanding of MVTV by attending its virtual meetings for the past 10 months. He also learned to handle cameras and edit videos from a cooking show he had prior to COVID. “I would very much like to represent the town as the board’s representative from West Tisbury,” he said.

After the two men completed their presentations, select board chair Skipper Manter nominated Look to be the town’s representative. Manter said that although Brathwaite is very well-versed from his experiences, he “is a very busy guy.” Additionally, Look seemed to have more “hands-on experience” working with MVTV. 

Look received unanimous approval, and will serve on the MVTV board for three years. He will need to be sworn in, which can be done with a phone call, according to West Tisbury town administrator Jennifer Rand.