Self-guided ghost tours in time for Halloween


Local author Thomas Dresser brings his self-guided walking tour, Ghosts of Edgartown, to the community just before the spooky season begins. By downloading the BuiltStory app at, anyone can take a socially distanced, self-guided tour of haunting Edgartown locations.

“This self-guiding walking tour captures highlights of the haunted houses in downtown Edgartown,” Dresser explains. “The ghostly presence of a young man struggles with his model ship. Helen, the widow of a whaling captain, tosses wine glasses off the shelf of a local pub. A typewriter clicks, lights flicker, and footsteps rustle in the jail, yet all the inmates are in their cells and the guards wonder at the unexplained sounds. Haunted happenings lend a spiritual experience to the everyday life of the town.”
The stories relayed during the tour are based on interviews and research Dresser conducted for his book “Ghosts of Martha’s Vineyard.”

To take this ghostly tour, sign onto the BuiltStory app on a cell phone, choose Ghosts of Edgartown by Thomas Dresser. Pay $10 for the tour through your phone. Start the tour, following the map from site to site.  Also visit