Poet’s Corner


cloak and merge 
By Susan Puciul

bees blinded in goldenrod
mossy bank of pond all a-hum
one white butterfly wilds out
from cream-colored clump
of honeysuckle in bloom

Eel Pond mirrors
original face
of bluest sky
clouds  silent music
purring across the tongue of
a late summer afternoon

asters ta-da-ing at the foot
of a lone beech tree
leaves lifted palms
upturned at the crown

pure watcher
absent knower
the more you slow down
the more invisible
you become

Susan Puciul lives in Chilmark and has been a member of the Cleveland House Poets since 2009.  Of the many joys and urgencies of poetry, she finds the nature poem to be a splendid vehicle to help us come to our senses and to “stop the world from going to sleep.”

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