Meet the mentalist

Jon Stetson hosts Ladies Only Psychic Party at the Film Center.

Mentalist Jon Stetson will perform live at the M.V. Film Center. — Courtesy Harmon Marino Live

Is he a comedian? Or a psychic? Well, he’s both, ladies and gentlemen, bearing in mind that on this upcoming Sunday, Oct. 17, from 1 to 3 pm., only ladies can catch his act. And for a quick ID of who he is and what he does, just think back to the hit show on CBS, “The Mentalist,” that ran through 151 episodes and seven seasons, from September 2008 to February 2015. Although other entertainment mind readers have claimed credit for the hit series, it was Jon Stetson who was hired to come on set and offer tips from the back of beyond.

In a recent phone interview, Stetson revealed he took issue with the fact that the show’s creators shrugged off the psychic label. For those of us who remember the series with great fondness, the principal character who helps solve crimes for the fictionally named California Bureau of Investigation is Patrick James, played by the handsome and charismatic Simon Baker, and he regularly mutters, “There is no such thing as a psychic!” And then, of course, he excavates from the psyche — his own, the guilty parties’, and everyone else in the room — some deeply revealing clues. Crime solved! “Book ’em, Dano!” No, wait! That’s another TV show.

Although Stetson is too classy to come out and say, “Well, sure, I’m the real deal!” he is authentically attached to the intuitive mind and heart in all of us. “We’re all born with a sixth sense,” he maintains. “Hopefully you believe in the other five senses. If you live in the moment, pay attention and listen, then the sixth sense unfolds.” Which, when you think of it, was the same mental apparatus that enabled Patrick James to pull evildoers out of his magician’s hat.

And it’s clear Stetson dismisses those folks who jeer at the Patrick Jameses of the world. He prefers skeptics to cynics. “Cynics masquerade as skeptics, but a true skeptic has an open mind.”

So what will Sunday’s presentation reveal? In watching Stetson’s trailer, available from the M.V. Film Center, you can see he stands ready to answer all questions from members of his audience and, meanwhile, he leans in to crack wise, such as this offer in his running patter: “It’s true I know what you’re thinking.” Spoken to a particular audience member, “I know what YOU’RE thinking! Yes, I am!”

Meanwhile, he showers his audience with his own brand of reassurance and caring. Talking to Stetson reminds you of transmissions from your favorite spiritual teachers (mine are such YouTube sensations as Matt Kahn, Lee Harris, and Tara Brach). Stetson’s conversation roves over the themes of self-awareness and laws of nature, and then his comedy kicks in when he advises us all, “Embrace your inner jerk!”

Stetson grew up and still resides in Fairhaven, so he’s a member of our own Cape backyard. In his intuitive path, he’s following a 100-year-old family tradition that began with his grandfather, known as Alexander the Man. Grandpa passed the baton along to his son, Stetson’s dad, and all this performance art gave our hero a taste of show biz. Add to that the fact that he has, from the earliest age, embraced metaphysics.

On a note of spiritual access, he confides in an abiding interest in the Hawaiian philosophy of ho’oponopono, a healing practice achieved through forgiving (and I beg the forgiveness of ho’oponopono practitioners for distilling it down to so simple an explanation derived from a quick Googling; assuredly there’s a much richer course of study to be had; I’ve received positive reports from certain meditating friends).

Jon Stetson’s reference to Fairhaven gives a localized account of his travels which, pre-pandemic, took him on the road 200 days out of the year. His reputation has taken him all over the world; he’s consulted with the Presidents Bush, President Carter, the king of Sweden (man! to have been a fly on THAT wall!), the royals of Monaco, the New England Patriots, and Fortune 500 groups.

Stetson also teaches workshops of energy alignment, plus private sessions which can be reserved to follow this coming Sunday’s show. You can reach out to him at If you’re lucky enough to snag one of the one-on-one consultations, be sure to ask about his time with the king of Sweden. Yeah, I know, he won’t tell.

The performer maintains that psychic perception is all a matter of looking at things with different eyes. “Live in the moment. Pay attention and listen. Love, laugh, and learn!” And, in reference to his coming show, “Celebrate the spirit of women!”

Lest today’s men feel left out of the equation — a common complaint these days — Stetson also hosts a show titled “The Stetson Experience” for all genders, of comedy, mind reading, and mentalism which, as a matter of fact, he exhibited last month at our own film center. However, as his producer Gary Marino mentioned in a text to the paper, “The women get more personal attention, and there’s wellness, healing, and a lot of laughs as well.” Well, who doesn’t want that?

To reserve seats for Sunday’s show, log on to