Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 11 to Oct. 15, 2021



Oct. 12, Doris Jean Lockhart sold 8 Driveway to William Berlind and Karen Berlind for $2,419,145.

Oct. 15, Andrea Pontes and the Estate of Ralph E. Sherman sold 239 Middle Road to Miles Brandon Brucculeri and Aletheia Shannon Donahue for $940,000.

Oct. 15, Of A Feather LLC sold 146 Quenames Road to Peter Levine and Samantha Smith for $25,000,000.


Oct. 12, Doherty Family Real Estate Management LLC sold 71 Davis Lane to Mcocean LLC for $6,000,000.

Oct. 12, Thayer W. McKenzie, trustee of Thayer W. Adams Living Trust, sold 12 Mill Street Unit 17 to Huan Tien Bui for $490,000.

Oct. 13, Vivian B. McMullen and Frederick A. McMullen sold 7 Massasoit Road to Daniel Allred and Stephanie Allred for $1,500,000.

Oct. 14, Patricia M. Hayes sold 111 Upper Main St. to Kathryn Ploss Salmanowitz for $2,795,000.

Oct. 15, Keewaydin 41 LLC sold 61 North Water St. to Adam M. Zaiger, trustee of 61NH20 Nominee Trust, for $10,975,000.

Oct. 15, Sheila Breshehan sold 78 Pine St. to William J. Kracunas and Suzanne M. Kracunas for $2,107,000.

Oct. 15, Roger B. Stewart, Carol A. Stewart, and Carol Stewart, trustees of R&C Stewart Family Trust, sold 57 Norton Orchard Road to Christina J. Delay and Robert R. Delay for $1,150,000.

Oct. 15, Paulo Anastacio and Apryl Rae Anastacio sold 15 Sixteenth St. South to Tristan McCarthy and Matthew W. McCarthy for $650,000.

Oct. 15, James F. Reynolds sold 68 North Water Road to David P. Malm for $10,000,000.

Oak Bluffs

Oct. 12, Alan J. Schweikert, trustee of South End Realty Trust, sold 71 Pennacook Ave. to Danielle Cadet Wiggins and Jonathan Wiggins Jr. for $1,600,000.

Oct. 12, 68 Pennacook Avenue LLC sold 68 Pennacook Avenue to Martin Leach and Ezia Leach for $1,025,000.

Oct. 14, John E. Stevenson and Deborah J. Stevenson sold 16 Front St. to Danubia Prata and Eliedson Ribeiro for $968,000.

Oct. 14, Allen W. Schofield, trustee of Schofield Realty Trust, sold 7 East Chop Drive to 7 East Chop LLC for $3,450,000.

Oct. 15, Georgiann L. Aikens, Todd Aikens, and the Estate of Brady Aikens sold 8 Canonicus Ave. and 0 Vanessa Way to Summer Tradewinds LLC for $1,500,000.

Oct. 15, Michael P. Botti sold 25 Inca Road to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of 25 Inca Road Nominee Trust, for $446,875.


Oct. 13, Rodolfo Lugo Jewels USA LLC sold 31 Beach Unit 202A Road to Benjamin L. Kelley for $362,500.

Oct. 14, Silvestro S. Schiavone sold 18 State Road Unit 2 to Island Time Realty LLC for $995,000.

Oct. 15, Marla Blakey and Allison Jones sold 56 Wing Road to Allison Jones and Deirdre Darden-Weir for $150,000.

Oct. 15, Emily J. Moehnke and the Estate of John R. Jahries sold 18 Clark Ave. to Jonathan Cuneo and Mara Liasson Cuneo for $955,000.

Oct. 15, Maria Boyd Metters sold 101 State Road to David Degregorio and Tammy Degregorio for $935,000.

Oct. 15, David Degregorio and Tammy Jardin Degregorio sold 39 Mud Puddle Road to Brooke F. Douglas for $1,005,000.

West Tisbury

Oct. 12, 49 Runner Road LLC sold 49 Runner Road to Mark B. Kadonoff and Laura M. Kadonoff, trustees of Mark B. Kadofoff Revocable Trust Agreement and Laura M. Kadonoff Revocable Trust Agreement, for $1,595,000.