Time for Red Stocking Fund applications

Volunteers gather with the toys they collected for the Red Stocking Fund during a previous year. — Michael DelloRusso

The Red Stocking Fund has a long history of helping families make it through the holiday season. Back in 1938 a group of friends knit red stockings with the idea of filling them with handmade goods, fruit and nuts, and a small toy. The operation has grown over the years, providing gifts and necessities for more than 300 children. 

Applications are now available online, only on the Red Stocking website,  theredstockingfund.org, through Friday, Nov. 19.

If you need more information or want to find out how to donate as well, call Sandy Joyce at 508-776-0801 or Susie Wallo at 508-776-6050, or email them at theredstockingfund@gmail.com.