Vineyard captured in Christmas collection


To the Editor:

The New England Village Christmas houses from Dept. 56 have added three significant buildings with accessory pieces that are a must have for Vineyarders, summer and year-round! 

The Edgartown Lighthouse is especially meaningful for families who have lost a child and have a memorial stone at the base of the lighthouse. One family leaves the lighthouse lit year-round.

The second well-done building is the Old Sculpin Gallery. I can remember, as a child, seeing Manual Swartz Roberts working there. My father took a movie of the On Time ferry when it was getting built in the parking lot! It is a part of the historical movies. This building is now a highly regarded art gallery.

There is also an Oak Bluffs gingerbread house. Although it is not a specific one, it captures the colorful feeling of the Campground.

If these buildings are of interest, do not wait to purchase them. On the Vineyard, The Christmas Cottage is the place to go.

Happy holidays!


Carol Fligor