Nov. 2, Elisa Kappell, Joseph Kapell, and Robert Kapell sold 0 Off Moshup Trail Lot 240 to Vineyard Conservation Society Inc. for $1,667.67.


Nov. 1, Michael M. Kris sold 45 Tilton Road to David S. Kris and Jody A. Kris, trustees of Kris Family Revocable Trust, for $3,250,000.


Nov. 1, Elizabeth Eisenhauer and Paul B. Caval sold 53 Twelfth St. North to Joao P. Oliveira and Natalia D. Oliveira for $955,000.

Nov. 1, Katama Acquisitions LLC sold 2 Southridge Lane to CH Properties LLC for $750,000.

Nov. 2, Mark G. Janson and Cathy A. Maniero-Janson sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 259 Week 39 to James Howell and April Howell for $200.

Nov. 2, Patricia G. Lewis and Cynthia Ashford Lewis, trustees of EP Lewis Nominee Trust, sold 16 Old Purchase Road to Carl Shanahan for $1,115,000.

Nov. 3, William E. Fruhan Jr. and Virginia W. Fruhan sold 136 Upper Main St. and 140 Upper Main St. to West 1973 LLC for $3,800,000.

Nov. 4, Paul Graf and Laurie Graf, trustees of Sparrow Lane Trust, sold 11 Sparrow Lane to Jonathan A. Peckham for $1,175,000.

Nov. 4, Juliana Maccoy Havens Brazile and Markley Neil Havens, trustees of Cottle Lane Nominee Trust, sold 11 Cottle Lane to Joseph M. Cronin and Sarah E. Cronin for $2,027,000.

Oak Bluffs

Nov. 1, Arlene M. Connoley sold 43 Chickawaukee St. to Andressa Santos and Israel A. Pereira for $500,000.

Nov. 1, Christopher Blakely and Ruth Judith Blakely, trustees of Blakely Family Revocable Living Trust, sold 2 Upper Meadow Lane to Pratt Family Trust LLC for $600,000.

Nov. 1, Stephanie Lee Fisher Neely, trustee of Family Trust, sold 46 Farm Pond Road to Nancy E. Bacon for $1,495,000.

Nov. 4, Dustin P. Carter, Diane M. Carter, Nina Carter Hitchen, and Nina K. Carter sold 27 Nashawena Park to Peter J. Hitchen and Nina Carter Hitchen for $310,000.

Nov. 5, Sharon Gray sold 2 Farm Path Road to Keith F. Cook LLC for $1,240,000.


Nov. 4, Ann S. Tonetti sold 655 Herring Creek Road to Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission for $1,890,000.

Nov. 5, BWP Properties LLC sold 23 Authier Avenue to Eleanor C. Davis, trustee of Eleanor C. Davis Trust, for $1,222,330.

West Tisbury

Nov. 1, Michael P. Valenti and Emilee Katherine Valenti sold 48 Oak Knoll Road to Susan G. Austin for $1,149,000.

Nov. 1, Daniel James Larkosh, trustee of Larkosh Realty Trust, sold 328 State Road to Morning Star Healy and John Healy Jr. for $879,000.

Nov. 1, Denise Sharpiro and Martin C. Nager sold 21 Twenty First St. North to Stuart R. Christie and Susanna S. Christie for $1,160,000.

Nov. 1, Green View Estate LLC sold 70 Capawock Road to Colin Kelton and Paige Kelton for $1,925,000.

Nov. 2, Norman H. Lobb III and Kathleen D. Lobb sold 66 Oak Lane to Kenneth P. Silvia and Pamela G. Silvia for $700,000.

Nov. 4, Nancy Dole sold 1076 State Road to Meeks Properties LLC for $800,000.

Nov. 5, Carl S. Kravitz, Neal E. Kravitz, and the Estate of Barbara N. Kravitz sold 104 Naushon Road and 126 Naushon Road to Arthur L. Horwich and Martine Brueckner for $2,605,009.