Urgent need for housing funds


To the Editor:

This letter was also sent to the Massachusetts House and Senate.

I am a longtime resident of West Tisbury. I serve on the town’s affordable housing committee, and am therefore acutely aware of the gravity of Martha’s Vineyard’s housing crisis. It is having a negative impact on the Island’s general well-being.

There is an urgent need for substantial, dependable, and dedicated funding to address the problem. I am writing to urge you to support the recent bills introduced in the legislature this session which would institute transfer fees on certain real estate transactions to provide funding for affordable housing.

Furthermore, since the median home price on the Island is exorbitant (> $I million), in order to address dire year-round housing needs for the Island’s workforce, I would also urge you to support amendments that would allow deed restriction up to 240 percent of area median income.

 Theodore Jochsberger, Ph.D.
West Tisbury