$10,270 raised for Island charities


Oak Bluffs resident Lou D’Agostino attempted to run and swim around the perimeter of Martha’s Vineyard within 24 hours for charity. Unfortunately, his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tore, and he had to call it quits at the 10-hour mark. 

D’Agostino raised $10,270 on GoFundMe, and worked with the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation to decide which Island nonprofit the money should be donated to. After deliberating, D’Agostino decided to donate half the money to the Red Stocking Fund of Martha’s Vineyard and the other half to the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club. “It was a matter of what nonprofits needed help the most. They both work directly with kids, which was important to me,” D’Agostino said. 

Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation manager of operations Jennifer Ray said she had conversations with D’Agostino about how the money should be allocated and how he wanted the funds to be used, which led to these organizations. 

“There are a lot of organizations who help children that weren’t able to work through COVID,” Ray said. “But those two organizations have been working really hard through COVID. That’s kind of how we landed on those two.” 

D’Agostino wants the Boys & Girls Club’s portion of the money to be used toward their “truly wonderful” afterschool program. The Red Stocking Fund was decided on partially because of his sons. 

“Both of my sons, Nathaniel and Leo, will be psyched when I tell them we’re helping the Red Stocking Fund. When I explained what their organization did, in terms of helping to make sure kids receive toys, winter jackets, and boots for Christmas, Nathaniel told me, ‘Dad, every kid deserves a present on Christmas and a jacket for the winter,’” D’Agostino said. “Both he and Leo really wanted to help this organization out, so I’m psyched!”

Ray said the foundation has not received all of the funds to distribute just yet, because of GoFundMe’s money processing time. Once all of the money arrives, “that’s what we’re going to be doing [giving to Boys & Girls Club and Red Stocking Fund].” 

D’Agostino received support from different people for the fundraiser, such as swimming lessons from YMCA swim instructor Jen Passafiume.

“I’m especially grateful to all the members of the community that helped make this happen,” D’Agostino said. “This is a great moment, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.”