Poet’s Corner


Do Birthdays Grow Old?

By Don McLagan

Do birthdays grow old, gain weight and go grey
As they’re called on to celebrate each year on their day?
Do their joints and their muscles grow stiff and unused
With so many non-birth days when they are excused?

Do the candles on cake lose panache and desire
For just one more moment of passionate fire?
Does the wax of their form start to sag and to droop
As calendar months make their annual loop?

And what about presents so carefully tied,
Does the wrap turn to wrinkles while getting inside
To the gifts which will finally end in the closet
Where no one remembers who made the deposit.

Ah no, I think birthdays are special occasions
And more than the presents and frosted sensations.
They give us the chance, with freshness each year
To say that you matter to us gathered here.

Don McLagan is an entrepreneur and poet who lives and writes on Chappaquiddick and in Sarasota, Fla.

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