Aquinnah parking committee takes shape


The Aquinnah select board unanimously approved four appointments to the recently authorized parking committee. Select board member Tom Murphy originally tapped three people for the committee: former select board member Jim Newman, Aquinnah Police Sgt. Paul Manning, and Wampanoag artisan Berta Welch. 

“All three of them responded that they would be very pleased to serve on a parking committee,” Murphy said.

Murphy read into the record a note he sent to the three that outlined the committee’s focus. 

“Apparently it’s been a while since the town looked at this issue. With revenue from beach parking having such a substantial effect on town finances, and parking at the Cliff affecting Cliff businesses, it’s time to review current operations to see if change is warranted or not. I’ve taken the liberty to discuss this issue with a national expert in the parking industry. He vacations on the Island, and is very familiar with the existing parking areas and town finances. He’d be happy to explain his findings and recommendations on a Zoom at a convenient time. If the committee would like to pursue other options, that can also be arranged. Any decision to make changes or to keep things the same would be made solely by the committee, without outside influences. And I expect the committee’s recommendation will be supported by the select board.”

On the recommendation of Aquinnah Police Chief Randhi Belain, the board also appointed Kyle Colter to the committee.