Cribbage Club


The Vineyard Cribbage Club met on Wednesday night at the American Legion Hall in Edgartown to play for the 12th week of the season. We welcomed two new players this week.

We had a total of 30 players, with two new people. There were a total of 11 skunks (a game won by more than 30 points). We had three 24-point hands and one of the newcomers, Norman Gardner, got a 28-point hand. Congratulations to Norman! We had one Grand Slam (winning all six games) by Tricia Bergeron.

The weekly results are as follows:

1st place – Tricia Bergeron with a 13/6 +123 card
2nd place – Colin Evanson with a 12/5 +118 card
3rd place – Albert Whittier with a 10/5 +89 card
4th place – Samantha Burns with a 10/5 +73 card
5th place – Angie Fisher with a 10/5 +57 card
6th place – Tony Rezendes with a 10/5 +40 card
7th place – Danny BenDavid with a 8/4 +47 card

If you like cribbage and can play a game in 20 minutes please come and check us out.

We meet on Wednesdays — sign up at 5:45 pm, play starts at 6 pm sharp.