Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 29 to Dec. 3, 2021



Nov. 30, Bari Boyer and Marshall Katzen sold 82 South Road to Edward Painter for $1,525,000.

Dec. 1, Harry M. Lasker sold 0 Hancock Beach Lot 48 to Third Island Properties LLC for $700,000.


Nov. 30, James Howell and April Howell sold 0 Harborside Inn Unit 259 Week 39 to Valerie Vines Toyer, Khayla E. Toyer, and Christal N. Toyer for $1,800.

Nov. 30, Susan M. Boass sold 31 Twelfth St. North to John W. Clift and Cristina Zghibarta for $420,000.

Nov. 30, Jeffrey Karp sold 15 Motick Trail to 15 Motick LLC for $2,350,000.

Nov. 30, David K. Zwiender and Nancy Burr Zwiener sold 3 Katama Bay View Road to Timothy M. Bowe and Elaine F. Bowe for $6,950,000.

Nov. 30, Richard P. Friedlander and Barbara A. Alessi sold 14 Myober Lane to Marshall Katzen and Bari Boyer for $4,500,000.

Dec. 1, Joseph A. Carlucci, trustee of 17 Faulkner Drive Trust, sold 17 Faulkner Drive to Isabelle Lew, Trustee of Four Lights Katama Nominee Trust, for $25,000,000.

Dec. 2, Paul Bullock sold 7 Katama Farm South Road to Richard Frimer and Judith Klein Frimer for $2,800,000.

Dec. 2, Joseph J. McNeila and Lillian McNeila sold 1 North Street to James Bunn and Nadia Bunn for $5,250,000.

Dec. 3, Gary Daula Vineyard Homes LLC, John A. Basile, Judith A. Basile, and Angela A. Cosenzi sold 147 South Water Street to Christopher J. Twohey and Bobbi M. Twohey, trustees of Christopher J. Twohey Revocable Trust, for $5,900,000.

Oak Bluffs

Nov. 29, Judith Y. Degroot and Lydia A. Young sold 10 Harrison Ave. to Simon Giroux and Meghan McCluskey for $799,000.

Dec. 1, Robert P. Merritt Jr. and Alice O. Merritt sold 25 Lexington Ave. and 27 Lexington Ave. to Christopher O’Brien and Kelly O’Brien for $1,580,000.

Dec. 1, JR Vineyard LLC sold 348 Seaview Ave. to 348 Seaview Avenue OB LLC for $5,500,000.


Nov. 30, James D. Angrier sold 124 Skiff Ave. Unit B-10 and Unit 17 to Leah C. Pollard for $295,000.

Dec. 3, Lawrence J. Cannon and Mary S. Cannon sold 200 Red Coat Hill Road to Terence W. Conroy Jr., trustee of 200 Red Coat Hill Road Realty Trust, for $1,875,000.

Dec. 3, Laurie D. Marotta and Joseph F. Marotta sold 76 Leonard Circle to Jonathan D. Lieff and Mary Lawlor for $1,050,000.

Dec. 3, Joel Aronie and Nancy J. Aronie sold 111 Leonard Circle to Geany Rolanti and David Rolanti for $1,050,000.

Dec. 3, Amity Properties LLC sold 79 Beach Road Units 15 and 16 for $700,000.

West Tisbury

Nov. 29, Katherine C. Gay, Sarah Jane Levin, John L. Gay, and George E. Gay sold 641 Old County Road to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of Old Barn Realty Trust, for $900,000.

Nov. 30, Blas J. Diaz and Maryann T. Diaz, trustees of Diaz Living Trust, sold 96 Great Plains Road to Keith T. Roberson and Andrea Freeman for $1,200,000.

Dec. 1, Harry M. Lasker III, trustee of Red Farm Realty Trust I, Red Farm Realty Trust II, and Red Farm Realty Trust IV, sold 72 Red Farm Road, 89 Red Farm Road, 73 Red Farm Road, and 9 Kelly Lane to Third Island Properties LLC for $5,290,000.