Cribbage Results


The Vineyard Cribbage Club had 20 players show up at the American Legion in Edgartown to play. We played six games with two points awarded per win (three for a win greater than 30 points).

The results are as follows;

1st- Bill Russell with an 11/5 +90 card
2nd- Roy Scheffer with a 10/5 +91 card
3rd- Tony Rezendes with a 10/5 + 95 card
4th – Rick Burbidge with a 10/5 + 41 card
5th- Ed Montesion with a 10/5 +20 card

We had only two 24-point hands and a total of 12 skunks (a win greater than 30 points).

We play every Wednesday night – sign in is at 5:45 pm and play starts at 6 pm sharp.
If you like cribbage and can play a game in 20 minutes, come on down and join the fun.