Housing bank over Land Bank


To the Editor:

I see that Edgartown is weighing whether to come on board in favor of the housing bank. What the town boards need to consider is whether our Island is running out of developable land. Also the Land Bank is conserving more and more acreage from the Island’s developable land. I think we need to decide whether we now have sufficient land in the Land Bank. Maybe we need to stop the Land Bank and pursue the housing bank now. If we have both a Land Bank and a housing bank, they will be conflicting with each other. 

Island voters created the Land Bank in 1986. Since then 3,900 acres are conserved in perpetuity! This is over seven square miles. We live on a beautiful Island. We are blessed to live here and raise our children here. But how many can stay? My wife was born here. We raised three sons. All are married, and one is still on-Island. The other two moved away. Sound familiar? Clearly we need a housing bank. But the Land Bank continues to conserve land that might be land for new, affordable homes. Let’s be wise and do the right thing: Create a housing bank. Stop the Land Bank.


Jim Osborn
Vineyard Haven