Impressive performances


To the Editor:

Wow! Were we ever impressed when my husband, Jamie, and I attended the Winter Concert at the PAC at MVRHS the week before Christmas. What a treat to see all the kids performing and getting much-deserved recognition as a group, but also as individuals stepping forward for those solo pieces.

But we saw something even bigger than that. We saw the teachers/conductors, Nancy at the piano, the support musicians such as Brian Weiland, our tech guru, Charlie Esposito, and all the others who made this happen seamlessly, setting the stage again and again for the respective performing groups. Everyone knew where each chair or music stand went, and everyone was a stagehand collaborating on this amazing effort.

At one point, as a former teacher, it brought tears to my eyes to see the fantastic work and celebration of our ESL students, with Brooke’s guidance and her enormous respect for what these students bring to the music from their native roots.

Finally, what a fun way to wrap up the evening with a Christmas sing-along of old favorites as we, the audience, were able to watch two conductors — Abigail and Ray — directing in unison as voices sang and instruments played.

Bravo to each and every one of you! Thank you for making our community so much better!

Marge and Jamie Harris
Oak Bluffs