Poet’s Corner



By Nancy Slonim Aronie

Why did we ever put God so far away
When clearly he’s in the amber glow
Of my new lamp Lorie gave me?
He’s in my garden, too.
He’s pink and still growing
Even after the first flakes.
He’s in the first flakes.
He’s in every pomegranate seed
And scallions and cilantro
And tofu pad thai.
And why did we put him in long white robes
With a big bushy beard?
We did that to Santa Claus
And you can see how that worked out.
And why isn’t God the guy in aisle 3
Who just knocked over a jar of Kalamata olives?
And why isn’t God the gal
who cleans it up?
We made a big error with God.
We put him in the wrong place
And wearing the wrong outfit.
And who says he’s a he?

Nancy Slonim Aronie is an author, facilitator of the Chilmark Writing Workshops, and a columnist for the M.V. Times. 

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