Thinned-out track team drops meet to Falmouth

Eloise and Adrienne Christy have solid showing on girls team.


Having close to half the Vineyarder indoor track team out, the girls and boys teams lost to Falmouth at Wheaton College on Tuesday.

The girls, who had most of their team in attendance, lost 55-43. Despite the loss, the girls had a good showing from Eloise Christy, who leaped to first place in the high jump, and came second in hurdles. Eloise also had a personal best time in the 300-meter race, with a 45.86 finish time.

Adrienne Christy placed first in the 600-meter race with a 1:54 time. Adrienne also snagged first in the two-mile race with a 12:33 time.

Madison Mellow and Ashlei Clarke got first and second place respectively in the shot put competition.

The boys team saw Zach Utz win the 600-meter race with a 1:29.03 finish time. Sam Fetters ran to second place in the mile run with a 5:19 time. 

The boys did well in the 1,000-meter race, with Jonathan Norton getting first place at 2:49, and Sam Fetters coming in second at 3:03.

The indoor track team meets Nauset on Jan. 18.

Head Coach Joe Schroeder told The Times the Vineyarders are experiencing COVID-related absences, just like all the other teams.

“I think it’s happening with all the teams. It’s nothing unusual to see less athletes than expected. Each team is dealing with it, and it was our turn this week. Hopefully next week we roll out there with a few more kids,” he said. “We’re going to do our best.”