Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 10 – 14



Jan. 12, Wendy J. Weldon sold 18 Austin Pasture to Adam M. Zaiger, trustee of Deck View Nominee Trust, for $9,025,000.

Jan. 13, Erik G. Blake, Catherine Blake, a.k.a. Catherine M. Fuller, sold 51 State Road to Alison M. Weaver and Alison L.M. Manning for $1,760,000.


Jan. 10, Christopher H. Herr sold 44 Marthas Road to Paul Kahn and Jamie Kahn for $1,550,000.

Jan. 10, Christian M. Cann and Caitlin Cann sold 65 Road to the Plains to Road to the Plains Holdings LLC for $2,500,000.

Jan. 14, Gregory B. McCarron and Barbara A. McCarron sold 9 Suttons Way to Erwin A. Thompson for $1,675,000.


Jan. 10, Douglas R. Rich, trustee of Rich Family Realty Trust, sold 375 Barnes Road to Benjamin Marsh and Gary S. Perkins, trustees of HMD Perkins 2011 GST Irrevocable Indenture of Trust, for $2,300,000.

Jan. 10, Anne S. Debettencourt, trustee of Ann S. Debettencourt Realty Trust, sold 0 Grovedale Road to Kral Jaroslav and Park Christina for $375,000.

Jan. 12, James O. Howell and April Howell sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 310, week 19, to Elizabeth K. Hilton for $3,000.


Jan. 14, David Dutton and Runee Dutton sold 48 Goah Way to Jennifer Denholtz and Steven Denholtz for $895,000.


Jan. 13, Cove Road Inn LLC sold 90 Manaquayak Road to LCI Hospitality LLC for $6,450,000.