Disgusted by U.S. meddling in Ukraine


To the Editor: 

Not sure why your little local newspaper feels it appropriate to run an opinion piece about Russia’s interests in Ukraine. Seems out of place, ya? We wonder why support is being given to another situation wherein the U.S. feels like it must interfere in other countries’ business. I mean, how’s this been going lately? Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen. 

The warmongering crowd has been wreaking havoc and helping to ruin one country after another. In Ukraine we have reneged on agreements not to expand NATO, have overthrown the government to install a puppet, and are wanting to install missiles there. Once again there is no noble-mindedness to our actions — we want to create enemies in order to justify military spending, and grab resources. The cost is huge. Color me disgusted.


Allan Dutton
Oak Bluffs