Poet’s Corner


My Friends
By John Ortman

Afraid of the dark,
But told to sleep without a light,
I said my prayers and waited
For the shadows of the night.
I faced the wall and watched them grow
In shapes so strange to see,
I wondered where they came from,
Or what they all might be.
I saw the mighty mountains there,
And watched them grow so tall,
With peaks as sharp as arrows,
And clouds above them all.
And tigers, with long white teeth
Prowled the jungle deep,
Crouching now to hunt a meal
And afterwards to sleep.
I saw the mighty ocean
Beat upon the shore,
And birds, and dogs, and teddy bears,
And kites and so much more.
But soon my eyes grew heavy;
I tried so hard to stay,
But morning came to scold me,
And chased my friends away.

John Ortman is a retired federal program manager who lives full-time on Chappaquiddick.

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