Poet’s Corner

Maureen, left, and Marjorie. — Lynn Christoffers

Haiku for Trans Chick: Beware King George, the rooster
By Cynthia Riggs

An SBS chick,
Marjorie’s now a rooster.
We thought s/he was trans.
A book’s in the works
For small children now to learn
That sex is fluid.

A moral treatise
With photos in full color
Three-year-olds learn sex.
Hens that want to crow
And lay eggs in addition
To mounting turkeys

Get picked on in the hen house,
Rejected by all.

How unfair that is
Since God made us all like them
Accept Marjorie

The newest rooster.
S/he’s being turned out to stud
Since King George insists.

We find our pronouns
Are mixed up with our feelings
For poor Marjorie.

Long live the trans hen
Now a most handsome rooster
Long live progeny

Of our erstwhile hen.
A Haiku by Cynthia
For all trans chickens.

Cynthia Riggs is author of numerous mysteries set on the Island, and the daughter of the poet Dionis Coffin Riggs. She lives at Cleaveland House in West Tisbury, a bed and breakfast that caters to poets and writers.

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