Cribbage Results


The Vineyard Cribbage Club met with 24 players Wednesday evening for another fun night of cribbage.

The results are as follows:

First place, Kathy Kinsman with a 12/5 +52 card
Second place, David Pothier with a 11/5 +64 card
Third place, Collin Evanson with a 11/5 +61 card
Fourth place, Bill Russell with a 10/4 +28 card
Fifth place, Angie Fisher with a 9/4 +95 card
Sixth place, George Giosmas with a 9/4 +81 card

Let me explain the point system: You get two points for a win. You get zero points for a loss. You get three points for a skunk.

When your game is done, you note how many points you won or lost by, and at the end of the six matches, you total your win and loss points. You will have either a plus or minus total. So if you won four games and lost two games, and one of your wins was a skunk (more than 30 points), your games points would be nine, games won = four, point spread +45. That would be a 9/4 +45 card.

I hope that explains the game, and helps you all understand the results better.

If you want to check us out and try your luck, please come and join us at the American Legion Hall in Edgartown every Wednesday. We start at 6 pm sharp. See you there.