Leadership has condoned behavior


To the Editor:

While the statement from the MVRHS leadership regarding the recent vulgar outburst against a female community member speaking about possible contamination from the proposed plastic field is a step in the right direction, it doesn’t go nearly far enough.

It fails to acknowledge that it is part of a pattern of intimidation. Just a few months ago, the same individual did the same thing, referring to a female scientist as a “b____” as she testified before the Oak Bluffs board of health. And he has publicly leveled smears against members of the Field Fund for years.

It also fails to acknowledge just how closely the individual has operated with the MVRHS leadership as part of their project “team.” Public records released to the Field Fund reflect close coordination between a group of school administrators, staff, school committee members, the landscape architect, owner’s project manager, and this individual — as well as industry-funded scientist Dr. Laura Green — as the school worked to advance its plastic field proposal and downplay the risks associated with it.

The school has condoned this conduct from him and others for far too long, to great detriment to the public discussion around this project, to its students, and to our Island community. 

Read the set of released records here: bit.ly/FieldFundemails.

Mollie Doyle, Dardanella Slavin, Rebekah Thomson

The Field Fund