Edgartown: Is it just me?

— Shelby Regan

I can’t believe April is coming to an end. The past few months have gone by so fast. This spring feels like it has a heaviness to it. Is it just me? I’m not sure that it is. I have so many friends who are caring for their elderly parents, experiencing health issues in their families, or grieving for lost loved ones. I suppose it could be a factor of my age, at least with regard to caring for parents. And maybe it’s because we are interacting more closely now that COVID numbers are going down. I don’t know. I guess it could be a million different things. I did look up whether or not Mercury is in retrograde, though I don’t really know what that means, but one hears it a lot when life seems tumultuous. Can’t blame it on Mercury, I’m afraid. I guess it’s just “life”. We take the good with the bad. I saw a sign just yesterday that said, “You can’t stop the waves of life from coming, but you can learn how to surf.” 

We are in the final leg of the school year. We will have a couple of weeks of classes, then a couple of weeks of more MCAS testing, and then into the last few weeks. 

Happy birthday to Pati Nelson and Alfred Perry, who celebrated on April 24, Jennie Lindland on April 27, Paulo DeOliveira on April 28, Holly Mercier and Sage Goodwin on April 29, and Matthew Cutter on April 30.

The Edgartown School Eighth Grade Silent Auction will be on Friday, May 6, at the P.A. Club. There will be a preview beginning at 6:30, with bidding starting at 7 pm. Final bids will be at 8:30. A 50/50 raffle will run as well. There will be food available, a cash bar, and the Edgartown School’s favorite ringmaster, Darren Belisle, is scheduled to DJ the evening for dancing. Everyone is welcome and, in fact, encouraged to come. This is the final push for our trip to D.C., which leaves on May 31. D.C. or bust! Hopefully, not bust!

Thank you to all the volunteers who were out cleaning up local beaches this weekend in honor of Earth Day. I didn’t take part in any of the organized events, but I did — and always do — clean up trash and plastic when the doggos and I walk the beach. It’s so important to recycle and throw trash away properly. I refrain from balloons, and encourage all my friends and family to do the same. I order earth-friendly laundry detergent sheets that come in boxes, to cut down on plastic. I try not to drink bottled water, and have a filter on my tap instead.

Featherstone is offering an introduction class for wheel throwing beginning next Tuesday, May 3. You will learn the basics of centering and distributing clay on a pottery wheel and other skills. No experience required. The cost is $270 for four weekly classes. You can register at featherstoneart.org.

Felix Neck is offering self-guided kayak tours of Sengekontacket, weekdays between 9 am and 1 pm. Rhyming quest clues, kind of like a treasure hunt, will help provide you information about the people, places, and wildlife found on the pond. ​​The fee is $50 for members and $60 for nonmembers. You can get more details on its website at massaudubon.org.

Not much new around these parts at the moment. Or at least, nothing is making it to me. As I write this, the sun is out, and it feels a lot like spring around these parts. And the pinkletinks and mayflowers are around, so it must be true, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Have a great week. Stay safe out there. People have been traveling, and with masks no longer being required for airplanes, COVID numbers may jump back up a bit. I myself am feeling a little wonky myself right now, so I’m heading home to do my own at-home test for peace of mind.