Poet’s Corner


Shady Lane
By Lucas Thors

Pinch my 29ers and take a guess
Just a couple more pumps for posterity
Arlo hears the gears and comes running
Then we ride

Past the lichen-covered climbing tree
Where hot shot hide and seek
Ended in foolhardy fall
Into leaves we piled ourselves

We ride
Out to the lane of fire
Where shrill old red-tailed perches atop a pole
Waiting to scoop us up

Race my shadow past paintball forest
Until it starts to get dark
And twisted limbs reach down to touch their toes
The sun is still high overhead

Slanted branches beckon
Enter the shaft, almost a woodland underpass
Light beams illuminate those trippy roots
Arlo’s in four-wheel-drive

At the tunnel’s most opaque
We opine on which trail to take
Left through flaxen ferns adorned in dew
Or right, where the woods are dressed in night

Toward the limit of that knotty thoroughfare
Where daybreak shifts to dusk
Shady Lane calls our names
And we must go

Lucas Thors is a reporter for the Martha’s Vineyard Times who lives in Edgartown. He enjoys writing about the many picturesque natural landscapes and ecological treasures of his birthplace on the Island. His favorite styles of poetry are free verse and haiku.


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