Edgartown approves shellfishing; tells contractors to speed it up

Town Administrator James Hagerty is holding out hope that Memorial Wharf will be completed by Memorial Day. -Rich Saltzberg

Edgartown shellfish constable Rob Morrison’s request for commercial soft-shell clam season in Edgartown Great Pond “by means of hydraulic harvest” from June 6 to Sept. 21 was unanimously approved at the town’s select board meeting on Monday. 

The aforementioned fishing will be allowed Monday through Friday from 7 am to 4 pm, as stated in the request, with “a limit of two 10-gallon wash buckets per day,” with harvest only allowed in open areas. 

Also approved by the select board were two permits to block off 88 North Water St., and a last-minute request from Mad Martha’s for a three-day finalizing of construction. 

Select board member Arthur Smadbeck approved the requests, but emphasized that applicants need “to get this done before Memorial Day, with the understanding that it is after May 15,” in reference to the loose deadline at which the town prefers all such work to have already been completed.

In other business, the select board approved the Firemen’s Association’s request for a one-day liquor license for its annual barbeque from 1 to 6 pm on May 29, in addition to approving Edgartown harbormaster’s mooring and stake fees. 

Additionally, town administrator James Hagerty shared that the annual March to the Sea, which was held via video conference last year, will be returning as an in-person event. “The bad news,” he said, “it’s not going to be at Memorial Wharf, due to the ongoing construction.” Hagerty said that a meeting concerning the wharf held last week led to consensus that although the construction is projected to be completed, concerns about the volume of attendees have led to a change of venue. “The Reading Room has graciously offered their dock and bulkhead to allow for the event,” he said. The annual march will be on Friday afternoon.