Stop the delays and move on to grass


To the Editor:
Richie Smith’s Letter to the Editor, published on May 9, and titled “Time to move ahead together,” filled me with hope. Richie, your words were so well-written, touching notes of reconciliation, and concerns for the athletes. Thank you.

This past week, the MVRHS school committee began talking about litigation. The same week Richie was offered the job as acting superintendent. And I ask, why isn’t the committee following the lead of a man who has been part of this process from the beginning? Richie wisely knows that it’s time for healing to begin. Past time to get these young athletes playing on good surfaces.

Litigation will only delay that further. And the artificial turf proponents have been vocal about delays … so don’t cause one! I realize that any changes necessitate returning to boards for permits/approval, and I’m confident that without artificial turf/PFAS included in the project, the process can be moved along quickly.

MVRHS school committee, stop the delay, stop the financial drain, give the students safe, natural playing surfaces. Get that ball rolling immediately.

Susan Desmarais
Oak Bluffs