Real Estate Transactions: May 16 to 20



May 16, Bobby C. Grimes sold 0 Harborside Inn Unit 509 Week 19 to Mary Letitia Van Meter and Richard Alan Van Meter for $6,000. 

May 16, Amy G. St. Germain sold 20 Oak Dale Drive to Richard S. Dubin and Lee M. Dubin for $1,050,000. 

May 18, Antoinette Truppo and Joseph A. Truppo sold 0 Harborside Inn Unit 257 Week 20 to Jacqueline Terasconi and Samantha Terasconi for $800. 

May 19, Gary E. Mead and Gwenn A. Mead sold 8 Aero Avenue to Casa Bendita LLC for $3,050,000. 

May 20, Katama View LLC sold 21 Herring Creek Road to Peter M. Deluca for $2,175,000. 

May 20, Janisco Properties LLC sold 20 Peases Point Way North Units 4 and 6 and 15 Mill Street Unit 24 to 15 Mill Street LLC for $815,000. 

May 20, Gerald T. Haase sold 17 Twenty Second Street North to Kevin R. Gunderson and Pia Gunderson, trustees of 17 Twenty Second Street Nominee Trust, for $175,000. 

May 20, Susan V. Hahn sold 81 Thirteenth Street North to Dennis B. Ford for $1,378.12. 


May 16, Beth A. Johnson and John L. Johnson sold 21 Locust Lane to Christopher Gibson for $535,000. 

May 17, Thomas Searle, trustee of Searle Nominee Trust, sold 54 Oklahoma Avenue to 54 Oklahoma LLC for $1,050,000. 

May 18, Linda T. Comstock sold 98 John Hoft Road to Thomas J. Stevenson for $725,000. 

May 19, Valdemiro Barros and Ann Barros sold 61 Heath Hen Lane to Lauren Dickerman, trustee of Lauren Dickerman Revocable Trust, for $1,050,000. 

West Tisbury

May 16, Sarah A. Sumner, Burnet B. Sumner, and Cyril J. Sumner sold 97 Spring Street to Xerxes K. Aghassipour for $1,058,000. 

May 17, Nicholas J. Paul and Elizabeth B. Paul sold 140 Waldrons Bottom Road to Adam M. Zaiger, trustee of 140 Waldrons Bottom Road Nominee Trust, for $2,395,000. 

May 18, Peter J. D’Angelo and Margaret D’Angelo sold 0 Takemmy Path to Jennifer B. Souza-Madura, Robert K. Souza Jr., and Roger T. Madura for $750,000. 

May 18, Clarke B. Bruno and Julie Braverman Bruno sold 0 Harpoon Lane to Kevin Selby and Joann Hathaway for $925,000.