Support our teachers


To the Editor:
Thank you to the editors of MV Times for your editorial, “A tale of two committees” [June 1]. As my mom would say, “You hit the nail on the head!”

How frightening to think that we would even consider endangering our kids with “plastic” fields causing cancer! The evidence is mounting that there are more and more documented concerns around this issue. I agree with both the planning board as well as members of the board of health of my town re the “turf war” — I live in Oak Bluffs, and my planning board has voted down the plastic field, so that ends that for MVRHS, which is a guest in my town — yes, a guest. Our town is bigger than the school, and our board has said no to the fields, so back to cutting the grass and getting the fields ready for our kids. Our board of health has suggested a moratorium on putting “plastics” into our groundwater. Our town has said no — they have said wait — give it more time — and yet, the audacity, the arrogance of this school committee that is now asking the residents of our town to pay for both sides of a legal challenge. Hiring a lawyer who will make a lot of money — money that could be used properly and rightly for our teachers.

I’m ashamed of this school committee on both these issues: turf war and paying teachers a fair, sustainable wage. Yes, we can pay an attorney to fight an arrogant, costly, fight, but we can’t use that money for our teachers? Are we really concerned about the kids and the fields? Are we really concerned about our teachers, and all that they do for our kids? Or is this issue really about power and money, and not safety?

Support our teachers first so that our kids, our students, can continue to flourish in our school system. Our eight kids and grandkids thank you, our teachers, for all that you do! We support you!

Marge and Jamie Harris
Oak Bluffs