Poet’s Corner


A Walk In The Park
By Michael Oliveira

So was gonna start
with my morning walk
and the sapphire blue pond
echoing the sky a dart of yellow finch
elide to a smoldering Ukrainian flag on an urban street
to the screech of blue jays and osprey shrieks
to screams of rocket artillery to screams
of mothers fathers sons daughters grandmothers
and grandfathers wrapping a bloody child’s corpse
in the best blankets
while in my park a birthday
celebration smoke rising from the grills
heavenward in gray and blacks
as a continent away decimated
apartment building facades
emit similar smoke
while exposing families
eviscerated from any sense
of a normal life.
A walk in the park

Michael Oliveira has lived and worked on Martha’s Vineyard for decades. He currently lives in East Falmouth.

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