Poet’s Corner


The Flying Horses Carousel
(For “Children Young at Heart”)
By Robert Ferriman

The Flying Horses Carousel
still today is found
In Oak Bluffs Massachusetts
going round and round,

Children of all ages
once having sat astride
A painted faithful steed
theirs alone to ride,

An ornamented Chariot awaits
patient now to race
As the ride begins
picking up the pace,

Dreams of Childhoods past
are pleasant to recall
Children Young at Heart
when we’re very small,

Reaching for a ring
made of shining brass
Gives the lucky rider
riding free that pass,

Journey to Martha’s Vineyard
and ride the Carousel
Create lasting memories and
stories you can tell.

Robert Ferriman lives in Ontario but has never forgotten his summertime childhood visits in the 1960s to his aunt and uncle’s house in Oak Bluffs.

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