Lyme vaccine telephone number ready

A telephone number is ready for folks who are interested in Lyme trials. The deer tick, shown here in various stages of engorgement, transmits the bacteria that causes Lyme. — MV Times

A phone number to sign up for pending Lyme vaccine trials on the Vineyard is now available. As The Times previously reported, the pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Valneva have developed a vaccine against Borrelia burgdorferi, the tick-borne bacterium that causes Lyme disease, and plan to begin phase 3 trials of the vaccine. Medical trailers will be used to help conduct the trials. Some of these trailers are already on the Vineyard. Holly Hoefer, vice president of patient engagement for CareAccess and Pfizer, and Valneva on-the-ground facilitator for the trials, recently answered Times questions about the trials:

How can people sign up?
Hoefer: Interested participants may call our dedicated phone number (877-565-5112), which will connect with our team members, or they may visit us online at

Is there anything that prevents a person from being a good candidate?
Hoefer: If they have received prior Lyme vaccine, or were recently treated for Lyme, they may not be eligible to participate. 

Are you ruled out if you’ve already had Lyme in the past?
Hoefer: Individuals that have previously had Lyme disease are still eligible to participate provided they have completed treatment outside [three] months from participation. 

Is this vaccine believed effective against different strains of the virus behind Lyme, or the primary strain of the virus?
Hoefer: The study is designed to evaluate overall effectiveness of the vaccine at preventing Lyme disease where it is most prevalent, and in populations deemed most “at risk.”